Frequently Asked Questions

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Getting Started

What kind of exercise is REDUX? Icon/Chevron/Down/Black Created with Sketch.

The focus for REDUX is FEELING GOOD! Each exercise has been specifically chosen to work your body and have you excited for the next session. We have curated a flow of workouts which include:

- A blend of boxing, Pilates, strength and HIIT.

- Intelligent and intentional functional training!

- Varying intensity to manage training load

- Strengthening and technique focused

Overall, the REDUX training program is characterised by intelligent movement progression and kinaesthetic learning about your body. We want you to not only get fit and feel good while doing the training programs, but also learn about your body and reconnect with it. The name of the game with REDUX is longevity. We train in a way that respects your body while also challenging you to reach a new base level of fitness after the initial 14 days, and beyond.

How much does the program cost? Icon/Chevron/Down/Black Created with Sketch.

Is it a cost, or could it be seen as an investment?

The price for the 14-day REDUX program is a one-off payment of $79.99 (AUD)

How long are the workouts? Icon/Chevron/Down/Black Created with Sketch.

The REDUX training sessions run for 30 minutes, this includes a warm-up and stretch flow. The sessions are short, fun and effective so you don’t need much time to fit them into your day and can get them done on the run!

Who are the 14-day challenges for? Icon/Chevron/Down/Black Created with Sketch.

The goal of the 14-day challenges is to catalyse change - in your body and your mind! They also provide results - fast. So if you have a big day coming up, our signature 14-day program is here to whip you into shape. The combination of intelligent training, community support and simple to implement nutritional guidelines will have your body and mind humming and feeling lighter, leaving you wanting more.

The REDUX challenges will show you that you can by keeping it small and simple to start with. In the 14 days, we will be helping you connect or reconnect with the fit, confident and healthy person that you have inside waiting to be revealed.

Is there nutrition advice? Icon/Chevron/Down/Black Created with Sketch.

Everyone wants to know the secret to nailing their nutrition right!? The REDUX approach to nutrition is founded on five evidenced approaches that have been tried and tested and we know get results. Over the 14-days we help you focus on:

- When you eat

- How long you eat for each day

- Sleep and syncing your meal times

- What you eat, focusing on food quality

- Reducing carbs and sugar

So, if you have ever wondered what actually counts when it comes to nutrition, then you are in the right place. You can access countless articles on important topics in nutrition plus get inspired with a library full of fresh, easy and delicious recipes.

When do the 14-day challenges start? Icon/Chevron/Down/Black Created with Sketch.

Once a month, like clockwork.

The REDUX 14-day program runs once a month across the year, and we have a range of different challenges for you to try. So you can jump in a 14-day challenge whenever you feel like you need to get your mojo back!

What level of experience do I need? Icon/Chevron/Down/Black Created with Sketch.

You only need a pulse and medical clearance to start.

The REDUX exercise programs can be enjoyed by people from beginners to advanced, depending on how hard you want to push. Your instructor Naz de Bono will always give lower impact options, and extras for those who want a challenge. As always, we recommend you start by discussing the program with your doctor.

Do I need to have internet access? Icon/Chevron/Down/Black Created with Sketch.

You will need to have internet access to use the app as well as to stream the workouts.

I have a medical condition / injured, can I still do REDUX? Icon/Chevron/Down/Black Created with Sketch.

We recommend you consult with your health care professional before commencing any REDUX program if you have an existing medical condition or injury.

I am pregnant / breastfeeding, can I still do REDUX? Icon/Chevron/Down/Black Created with Sketch.

We recommend you consult with your health care professional before commencing any REDUX program if recommencing exercise after childbirth. This program is not recommended for women who are pregnant.

Posts and content

Can I delete posts? Icon/Chevron/Down/Black Created with Sketch.

Absolutely, first go into the detail view of the post by tapping on the post's info banner which contains your username and number of likes etc. Once in the detail view, click the icon at the bottom left hand corner of the post and you will be given the option to delete your post.

Why can't I share some posts outside of the app? Icon/Chevron/Down/Black Created with Sketch.

There's a lot of exclusive content released in the app that's not available anywhere else. Anything that's exclusive can't be shared to make sure it's only available to users of the app.

Can I save favourite content to view again later? Icon/Chevron/Down/Black Created with Sketch.

At the moment this feature isn't available but we are currently working on a new and improved profile page section of the app which will allow you to see not only what you have liked but also what you have commented on or posted. This improved feature will be available in a release coming soon.

Friends and messages

Can I add someone as a friend from the wall? Icon/Chevron/Down/Black Created with Sketch.

Yes you can. If you see someone on the wall you want to connect with, simply tap on their avatar - this will take you to their profile page which will have a button allowing you to send a friend request to them.

My profile

How do I change my profile photo? Icon/Chevron/Down/Black Created with Sketch.

Go to your profile by tapping your name in the menu and tap your profile photo to change it.

How do I log out of the app? Icon/Chevron/Down/Black Created with Sketch.

To log out you can go to your profile page by clicking on your user name in the menu and then clicking 'Settings'. You will then see an option to log out.