Fight Back

Reawaken your fighting spirit with 14 unique workouts, a warm-up, and a stretch flow.



Get set to fight for fitness and get your body, nutrition, and health back on track!

Hone your determination to get fitter, build confidence & get back to feeling great about you.

This boxing centric 14 day program is both an ab shredder and an uplifting endorphin rush that will make you feel like the champ!

Naz is constantly learning and evolving her training and Fight Back was another evolution bringing in more knowledge around longevity, increasing power, mobility and human health.

Follow this meticulously designed 14 Day biorhythm as each individual workout connects and builds you up from the inside out.

“On a personal level, this program was also about fighting my way back to strength and fitness after a couple of unavoidable setbacks. This program builds up both my body and my inner confidence to where I know I am meant to be”

Feel strong again, agile and energised!


Empowerment, not a meal plan.

Learn, or relearn how to eat for short-term gains and long-term health

Like a dial, turn up each guideline to get maximum and immediate results, moderate them back down to maintain a healthy longterm lifestyle.

5 simple guidelines

  1. It’s about when you eat
    Last meal is no later than 3 hours before bed, allow your body to recover and perform its night-time tasks
  2. It’s about how long you eat for each day
    Define your eating window, don’t let modern convenience put you out!
  3. It’s about sleep and circadian rhythm
    Reduce stress & align with your natural rhythm
  4. It’s about what you eat
    Cut out the crap, replace nutrient-poor foods with colourful whole foods
  5. It’s about sugars & carbs
    Quality sources in the right amounts, at the right time


Engage with like-minded members in our community chat room, share a post-workout selfie or your latest culinary creation! You’re not alone, we are all in this together.

Naz is also there with you, in real-time, the whole way. Her infectious energy, experience and compassion helps maintain a lighthearted spirit and a clear determination.