It’s about gettin’ it back. 14 unique workouts, a warm-up, and a stretch flow.



It’s getting back that za-za-zing! Finding that “can do” attitude, testing your strength and rising to the challenge.

In all of the 14-day programs you will find Naz’s speciality is sculpting the waist and abs! and triceps and shoulders, and well, everything! Mojo is no exception!

In this program, Naz delivers common bodyweight movements with incredibly well-understood timing and cues, encouraging mindfulness and focus on technique, all to support good posture and healthy movement.

“It’s not just about how it looks, but even more about how it feels. I take the time to treat the body as a complete system, not a machine built for endless repetitive movement.  Each individual has the ability to learn so much from being aware of their own experience and tapping into the intelligence of the body”

Mojo is the perfect home work out program to get you back on track, inside and out!


Empowerment, not a meal plan.

Learn, or relearn how to eat for short-term gains and long-term health

Like a dial, turn up each guideline to get maximum and immediate results, moderate them back down to maintain a healthy longterm lifestyle.

5 simple guidelines

  1. It’s about when you eat
    Last meal is no later than 3 hours before bed, allow your body to recover and perform its night-time tasks
  2. It’s about how long you eat for each day
    Define your eating window, don’t let modern convenience put you out!
  3. It’s about sleep and circadian rhythm
    Reduce stress & align with your natural rhythm
  4. It’s about what you eat
    Cut out the crap, replace nutrient-poor foods with colourful whole foods
  5. It’s about sugars & carbs
    Quality sources in the right amounts, at the right time


Engage with like-minded members in our community chat room, share a post-workout selfie or your latest culinary creation! You’re not alone, we are all in this together.

Naz is also there with you, in real-time, the whole way. Her infectious energy, experience and compassion helps maintain a lighthearted spirit and a clear determination.




Shelley Craft

Television host

There’s no need to bash yourself to get results – do it the smart way, do it the right way. I’m 42 years old and I look and feel the best I ever have. I also know that the 14 Day Program gets me in serious shape before an important date – or beach holiday.


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Try it at no charge with our free trial

Due to the current events taking place around the world we are moving to a subscription model of $19.99 AUD /month

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The goal of the MOJO 14-day program is to catalyse change - in your body and your mind! They also provide results - fast. So if you have a big day coming up, our signature 14-day program is here to whip you into shape. The combination of intelligent training, community support and simple to implement nutritional guidelines will have your body and mind humming and feeling lighter, leaving you wanting more.

The REDUX challenges will show you that you can by keeping it small and simple to start with. In the 14 days, we will be helping you connect or reconnect with the fit, confident and healthy person that you have inside waiting to be revealed.

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You only need a pulse and medical clearance to start.

The REDUX exercise programs can be enjoyed by people from beginners to advanced, depending on how hard you want to push. Your instructor Naz de Bono will always give lower impact options, and extras for those who want a challenge. As always, we recommend you start by discussing the program with your doctor.

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