Train smart and drop body fat with the fast tracked 14-day Mojo program

Get back to looking and feeling your best

Mojo is designed with you in mind and optimised to how your body naturally responds over the 14 days. Once you finish the program and see how you’ve transformed, you’ll want to keep going! 

30-40 minute daily workouts

Discover expertly programmed functional training for all levels of fitness. Mojo is designed to develop whole-body fitness, strength and mobility so you can get the most out of every day.

Structured eating plan

Learn how to eat for maximum results. Forget about those fad diets where everything you eat gets put on a scale. We actually want you to enjoy what you’re eating!

Keep yourself accountable

Keep on track throughout your fitness journey with daily diary notes, fit test scores and body measurements. You’ll be well on your way to smashing your goals!

Daily motivation with Naz De Bono

Take advantage of years of experience as Naz will be by your side every step of the way with daily motivational tips or to answer any questions you may have.

Be inspired by the REDUX community

Even if you prefer working out in the privacy of your own home, you won’t be alone in this. Get the most out of what you put in knowing that our online community has got your back.

How 14 days can really
change your life

Shelley Craft

Television host

There’s no need to bash yourself to get results – do it the smart way, do it the right way. I’m 42 years old and I look and feel the best I ever have. I also know that the 14 Day Program gets me in serious shape before an important date – or beach holiday.


How much does the MOJO cost? Icon/Chevron/Down/Black Created with Sketch.

Is it a cost, or could it be seen as an investment?

The price for the 14-day REDUX program is a one-off payment of $79.99 (AUD)

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The goal of the MOJO 14-day program is to catalyse change - in your body and your mind! They also provide results - fast. So if you have a big day coming up, our signature 14-day program is here to whip you into shape. The combination of intelligent training, community support and simple to implement nutritional guidelines will have your body and mind humming and feeling lighter, leaving you wanting more.

The REDUX challenges will show you that you can by keeping it small and simple to start with. In the 14 days, we will be helping you connect or reconnect with the fit, confident and healthy person that you have inside waiting to be revealed.

What level of experience do I need? Icon/Chevron/Down/Black Created with Sketch.

You only need a pulse and medical clearance to start.

The REDUX exercise programs can be enjoyed by people from beginners to advanced, depending on how hard you want to push. Your instructor Naz de Bono will always give lower impact options, and extras for those who want a challenge. As always, we recommend you start by discussing the program with your doctor.

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