Be ready for anything, feel the power in this 14-day program aimed to get you ripped!



Fearless is about feeling your own power and not being afraid to revel in it!

Naz has broken down complex moves from modalities like animal flow, boxing and pilates into bite-size chunks that allow you to progress or regress, depending on your ability at the time.

Start enjoying the movement in your body, this program has more flow than ever before.

Like always, building from the foundation up is essential for results without injury.

“I fuse the reverence from yoga and the precision from pilates into ever kind of movement I practice and deliver. I am passionate about teaching good movement for human health while also getting the physique you desire”

You will feel stronger in your core and tighter in your waist

Gluts firing, shoulders burning, triceps tightening, abs shredding!!

Longer, leaner, faster, stronger.



Empowerment, not a meal plan.

Learn, or relearn how to eat for short-term gains and long-term health

Like a dial, turn up each guideline to get maximum and immediate results, moderate them back down to maintain a healthy longterm lifestyle.

5 simple guidelines

  1. It’s about when you eat
    Last meal is no later than 3 hours before bed, allow your body to recover and perform its night-time tasks
  2. It’s about how long you eat for each day
    Define your eating window, don’t let modern convenience put you out!
  3. It’s about sleep and circadian rhythm
    Reduce stress & align with your natural rhythm
  4. It’s about what you eat
    Cut out the crap, replace nutrient-poor foods with colourful whole foods
  5. It’s about sugars & carbs
    Quality sources in the right amounts, at the right time



Engage with like-minded members in our community chat room, share a post-workout selfie or your latest culinary creation! You’re not alone, we are all in this together.

Naz is also there with you, in real-time, the whole way. Her infectious energy, experience, and compassion helps maintain a lighthearted spirit and a clear determination.

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